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Let Us Manage Your Orlando Rental Property


Do you own a house or condo in the Orlando area? Perhaps it's an investment property or maybe you once lived in the home and plan to sell it when the market turns around. Either way, now you need to get it rented...and fast!

Finding quality tenants and keeping them happy can be quite demanding. Do you really have the time or desire to be a landlord? That's where Blair Realty Group, Inc. and Property Management comes in.

For immediate assistance in answering your property management questions, call NOW: 407-210-3944. We answer calls until 8:00pm Monday through Friday and until 5:00pm on Weekends.

What we do as your property manager:

  • Resolve any condition issues at a property prior to advertising (ex: cleaning, painting, repairs)
  • Advertise your rental property
  • Answer calls of prospective tenants
  • Show your property to prospective tenants
  • Run a thorough application on each tenant
  • Including criminal, credit and eviction background checks, income and rental verification
  • Prepare leases and schedule signing
  • Perform a move in walkthrough prior to tenant taking possession of the property
  • Full service repair and maintenance throughout the lease
  • Rent collection
  • Assist attorney in an eviction (rare, but it does happen)
  • Accounting of all funds
  • Mid lease and final move out walkthroughs
  • When necessary file a claim on the Tenant's Security Deposit

Benefits of Blair Realty Group, Inc for Property Management

Turnkey Property Management

Established in 2010, Blair Realty Group, Inc. has the experience, the staff and the systems in place to care for your property the way you would, if that were your only job.

We manage properties in the Central Florida area, from condo’s and townhomes, to single family homes. We specialize in the Orlando real estate market and we know what it takes to get and keep a home here rented.

Now you can hand over all the stressful and time-consuming responsibilities that come with being a landlord. We will handle everything. Most important, you can be confident that your property is in good hands.

Marketing Makes the Difference

A rental property doesn't lease itself. Every day that your home sits vacant costs you money. It doesn't take but a month or two before you're in a cash-negative position.

Blair Realty Group, Inc. will find you qualified tenants. We will actively market your property in ways you may not be familiar. some ways other property management companies don't even do. It's not enough to simply place an online ad or a sign in the yard and wait for a qualified tenant to call. That's way too passive if you want to maximize occupancy and revenue.

Bottom of Form

Instead, we use traditional marketing tools like MLS and signs combined with aggressive e-marketing. We'll place detailed information about your property on more than 20 different websites. That's a massive amount of exposure guaranteed to generate a constant flow of potential renters. We provide our clients an edge.

And, unlike most Orlando property management companies, we answer our phones and show properties seven days a week. That's what it takes to find tenants, so that's what we do. We WILL get your home rented.

You Want Good Tenants and So Do We

Every landlord has his share of horror stories about tenants who didn't pay up or didn't care for the property. At Blair Realty Group, Inc., we believe that the best way to avoid problems down the road is to start with quality tenants.

We don't simply rent to the first people who call. Instead, we spend time with interested prospects, showing them the property, asking questions and getting to know them.

We then have a thorough application process. Our credit and background checks are more extensive than most other property management companies. It may sound tedious, but it works.

We rarely evict a tenant which is impressive!

Protect the Value of Your Home

If a renter doesn't maintain your property, you could see its value plunge. That means costly repairs or a lower asking price when you eventually sell. Neither one is a great option.

Blair Realty Group, Inc. helps ensure that your home is properly cared for by doing bi-yearly inspections. The first important step is to deliver a rental property clean to a tenant at lease commencement. If the tenants knows that you/we care about the property, they will too. We let the tenants know that we are hands-on property managers from day one. They can easily contact us if a maintenance situation arises, but to also perform mid-lease walkthrough and a final walkthrough to properly document the property's condition. We are approachable and we take action. Little grievances don't have a chance to become big problems.

Blair Realty Group, Inc. Pricing

Call now and ask how we will:

1. Provide you peace of mind!

2. Save you money!

3. Most importantly, help you (This is what we do, we will make this STRESS-FREE for you).

4. We answer calls Monday through Friday until 8:00pm and Weekends until 5:00pm.